I am delighted to announce that my book “The Survivor’s Guide to Your Career Today” is due to be released on the 28th September 2019.

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Have you ever wanted to work in the hustle, bustle and bright lights of a major capital city?

This book guides both professionals and aspiring professionals to navigate their way through their career, whilst improving key aspects of their lives and minds. Breaking down the different hurdles you will come to face when job-hunting and within your career. From specific interview questions and techniques, to body language in meetings, to becoming a well-rounded individual. This guide takes you through the challenges you will face when entering the world of the unknown.

The hiring process is highly competitive, with thousands of people vying to get into, and progress within, every industry globally each year. This guide gives you all the tools and power you need to unlock the best of yourself. You will have all the advantages necessary to discover what it takes to achieve true self-fulfilling success – from all entry points.

“There is only this present moment. You can make a change in your life at any stage, you have to want to do it; one small step at a time. You can become a better you, the you that you have always wanted to become. One small step at a time.” – Oliver Rolfe, Founder, Managing Director and Group CEO, Spartan International Executive Search.

PREVIEW REVIEW: The Survivor’s Guide To Your Career Today! What a book! The book enabled me to take a hold of my career and shape it MY way. From the structuring of my CV to resigning with dignity to preparing for an interview. This book gave me insight into how I can become a better person both professionally and personally. It was a great read and one I would recommend to anyone who wants to prepare themselves for life in the bright lights of the city.


PREVIEW REVIEW: Whilst I have been working in the “bright lights” for many years, I found this book to be quite enlightening, which was a surprise. The guide goes through all the relevant information you would expect, plus some you wouldn’t. I found the meditation and deep breathing guides very useful indeed and the core energy section. I highly recommend this book to anyone young or “old”.


PREVIEW REVIEW: As a result of taking great interest in reading this book, I know that this experience has made me into a better person and has given me great insight into the business world. When in business, one of the key components you must learn, is how to obtain an edge, if you have an edge in certain situations you are willing to achieve anything whilst making a name for yourself. Having read the book, I believe it has taught me how to represent myself when in business meetings, how body language is a key attribute and how being respectful regardless of how your coworkers and colleagues are. I would like to congratulate Oliver Rolfe on writing an incredible book and for teaching me the secrets of the complicated business world. I am already looking forward to the next one!


PREVIEW REVIEW: Speaking as someone who has gained some basic insight from a selection of career mishaps, this book is a fundamental guide to preparedness, confidence and effectiveness in the world of business and an invaluable read for both young go-getters and older hands who may, just may be getting set in their ways.

As it’s an unfair premise to assume that it’s just millennials who offer limp handshakes and a lack of eye contact, this book enables you to refocus on the essential elements that will enable you to improve your decision making capabilities, broaden your horizons and properly assess your value to others in the business environment.

Oliver Rolfe’s book is written from a candidly personal context and a successful career in executive level recruitment. As such, it reflects and offers solutions to many of the challenges faced in the world of business. The rest is up to you…