We at Spartan International follow the same practices and processes that of the Spartan army, which is typified by the 300 Spartans that fought the 10,000’s at Thermopylae.

The Spartan army stood at the centre of the Spartan state, whose citizens’ primary obligation was to be good soldiers. At the height of Sparta’s power – it was commonly accepted that, “one Spartan was worth several men of any other state.”

Spartan International offers a fresh approach to both clients and candidates by fostering integrity, professionalism and transparency within an Executive Search capability.

We are headquartered in the heart of the financial district in The City of London and have consultants based in New York & Hong Kong.

We have successfully completed a vast number of retained assignments, gaining an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the markets in which we operate, and have developed a reputation for making timely, successful placements.

  • We have added former Equities professionals across Sales & Sales-Trading to the company and have over 100 years of financial industry experience.

  • Our Equities database consists of well over 100,000+ contacts across all sectors & regions

  • Complete Buy-side database with every top analyst & PM by sector

  • We have been quoted by The New York Times, Bloomberg, Integrity Research and more

  • Our financial blog receives between 750,000-850,000 individuals views a month

We are here to assist people in their careers and therefore their lives, that’s our goal. To guide and advise each and every individual to the best of our ability.

Founded in 2009 by Oliver Rolfe, Spartan International remains privately owned.