WILL MIFID II KILL SALES & SALES-TRADERS AS WE KNOW IT? – It has been brought to light, less than 2 months before MiFID II hits the city, that sales/sales-traders who provide market “colour & trends” to clients, will also be seen as “research”. This means, as a result of plans to “unbundle” trading & research, it makes the job of the salesman somewhat needless, as they are no longer allowed a view under MiFID II. This announcement has sent shockwaves through banks and brokers who are scrambling to organise their research, sales and trading divisions. Most research departments have structured their pricing models for the upcoming legislation, however, this new development could become a nightmare for brokers. This could be particularly problematic for those who interact with institutions it trades with but had no research deal. Will be see trade only agreements become the norm alongside research agreements? #SpartanInternational #MiFID II #Race2zero