WELLS FARGO THINKS POST-BREXIT – Wells Fargo, with Post-Brexit looming, is the latest bank to move some of their banking operations from London. They are contemplating a plan to use both Paris & Dublin as their Post-Brexit hubs in Europe. The European business that cannot be conducted in the UK after Brexit would be conducted in both Paris and Dublin, according to people familiar with the matter. This move reinforces the notion that the financial services that were previously in London will not move to one sole center but be fragmented across different European cities. Other banks such as Goldman Sachs will split their services between Paris & Frankfurt, while Bank of America Merrill Lynch chose Paris & Dublin. Wells Fargo executives are still not hard set on a decision, while they weigh up factors like regulation and cost. It is uncertain how much of the 1200 strong workforce will be transferred from London. #SpartanInternational