WAVE OF HEDGE FUNDS POISED TO LAUNCH – As the year gets underway, a wave of new hedge funds are poised to launch, led by industry titans. @Daniel Sundheim, previously the Investment Chief of Viking Global Investors, is launching his own equity hedge fund, named DayOne (D1) Capital Partners, in the second half of the year. He has hired @Jeremy Katz to work alongside him, and is expected to have a team of 20, with plans to invest in private equity. @Michael Gelband, is launching his fund, ExodusPoint, in the first half with long-time colleague @Hyung Soo, who was Head of Equities at Millennium. The New York based business will operate across multiple markets globally and is expected to have more than 20 people making trades. Ex-Head of Trading at Bridgewater Associates, @Jose Marques, will launch his Inferent Capital in the first half, following a quantitative strategy and using machine-learning technologies to pick stocks and make trades. #SpartanInternational