US ASSET MANAGERS REINVENT RESEARCH MODEL UNDER MIFID II – Whilst investment banks on Wall Street react to the impact of MiFID II, US asset managers are reinventing their in-house research models. The traditional framework for an analyst covering a broad range of sectors is changing, as global fund managers re-think what research they should pay for. As a result asset managers have started focusing on a narrow area of the market where they can most add value and dominate. Because of the change in landscape, fund managers are hiring, but not necessarily from banks and brokers. For example AKR Investment Management, hired 王伟 (James Wang), 34, to cover artificial intelligence “AI”. Wang previously worked as a product manager for semiconductor Nvidia Corp in California, working on projects such as GeForce Experience, a gaming application. Wang has said, “I never thought I would work in finance, much less on the East Coast.” #SpartanInternational