SWISS HEDGE FUND RE-OPENS IN LONDON – With on going Brexit negotiations and bulge bracket investment banks announcing new European hubs, a Swiss hedge fund named Amplitude Capital has gone against the tide and decided to reopen their office in London (St James’s) after 9 years away. Heiko Zuehlke, the Head of Investor Relations at the fund, stated that London is the biggest financial center in Europe, even if 20% of assets were to leave because of Brexit, it would still remain the biggest. Zuehlke also goes on to say that London is where everybody wants to do business, he adds “we asked ourselves where else could big financial companies realistically be based in five years? Paris? Frankfurt? No. The answer will still be London.” Amplitude follows a similar mentality to $23bn asset manager Unigestion, who in the wake of the EU referendum committed to London whatever the outcome, by doubling headcount from 20 to 50. #SpartanInternational