STIFEL BRACES FOR BREXIT IMPACT – Stifel Financial Corp. are weighing up their options in terms of Brexit and what it really means for them. Stifel has joined a list of overseas banks in London that are coming to terms with the meaning of Brexit, it still remains unclear what kind of access firms based in London will have to EU based clients. Stifel, for this reason, is considering an acquisition in Germany or France because they may be the easiest locations to make an acquisition happen. @Eithne O’Leary said “We’re finding the absence of certainty unhelpful. It’s a fog.” Stifel in the UK has focused on arranging stock and bond sales for small and mid – market clients. The firm has raised £1.3bn across 11 equity deals in the first quarter of the year. Nevertheless Brexit isn’t the only challenge that Stifel is facing, others include the EU’s new MIFID II, which has upended the market for stock research and other data protection rules. O’Leary said “Brexit is the biggest of all of them.” #SpartanInternational