NYSE APPOINTS 1ST FEMALE PRESIDENT, FINALLY! – The New York Stock Exchange have appointed Stacey Cunningham to the position of President. This appointment is especially noted because this is the first female President that the NYSE has ever had in this position. Cunningham has held the position of COO since June 2015, she will assume her new position on 25th May 2018 following the departure of Thomas Farley. CEO of NYSE’s parent company ICE said “As our COO, Stacey Cunningham successfully managed our equities, equities derivatives and ETF businesses, distinguishing herself as a customer-focused leader who is respected across our industry.” Cunningham is going to be replaced by John Tuttle, who currently holds position of Global Head of Listings. The former President, Farley, is joining a special acquisitions company, FarPoint as CEO.

At Spartan, we believe that we all need to do more to encourage an equal work place and encourage young men & women to seek an interesting and challenging career in the financial world. #SpartanInternational