MORGAN STANLEY THE No.1 EQUITY DEAL MAKER– The Q2 results for 2017 has shown the 5 largest US banks making up almost 30% of the market in equity underwriting fees, with Morgan Stanley leading the table, contributing $405mn and 7.7% to the total figure. J.P. Morgan came second, with a total of $367mn in equity underwriting fees and 7% in market share. CITI and Goldman Sachs came third and fourth, CITI reaching $295mn in fees and 5.6% in market share, and GS’s achieving $260mn worth and 4.9% of the total share. Finishing the list in fifth was Bank of America Merrill Lynch, hitting $231mn in fees and a market share of 4.4%. Therefore, in total the top 5 banks contribute 29.6% ($1,558mn) of the overall market share for underwriting equity fees which exceeds $5,250mn. #SpartanInternational