MIFID II, WHO’S GOING TO PAY? – JP Morgan Asset Management announced on Friday that instead of relaying costs associated with MiFID II to their clients, they will in fact incur the costs themselves. With less than 6 months to go before the new regulations will come into play, Asset Managers are tasked with deciding whether to pass these extra charges on to clients or absorb them themselves. JP Morgan Asset Management has said, “Research costs will be paid by the business and not by MiFID-II client accounts.” Other Asset Managers, including Vanguard, Jupiter, M&G and Aberdeen have also revealed they will be covering research costs. Some firms such as, GLG, Janus Henderson and Schroders have said they plan to pass on costs to clients. Will the cost of research have a material impact on where clients/investors place their funds on the buy-side? Or is it all about the returns and, in some cases, the prestige of having certain firms managing your money? #SpartanInternational