JP MORGAN BOSS TELLS ALL ABOUT LEAVING THE EU – JP Morgan Chase’s CEO, Jamie Dimon explained that the UK economy could be affected heavily in the wake of leaving the EU and this “will have an impact on global growth, and so Brexit could hurt everybody a bit.” Last week JP Morgan became the latest in a long list of banks that have begun moving staff out of London ahead of Brexit. Mr Dimon went on to say, “We still do not fully understand what Brexit is, its economic effects and how its effects will play out: these are huge question marks that will stay for a long time. I do think that, because of Brexit, some businesses across the financial and manufacturing sectors will be relocating from the UK to other parts of Europe, including Italy.” Mr Dimon had something to say about the new populist Italian Government that is contemplating leaving the EU also, “Because of the way it has been designed, the European Monetary Union would be hard to reverse without causing catastrophic events. This does not mean that Europe should not fix itself. There are many regulatory issues that remain to be solved, and the fact Brexit happened should make the dialogue between European countries easier.” #SpartanInternational