ITG IS READY TO FACE OFF AGAINST SEC PROBE – On Wednesday this week agency brokerage Investment Technology Group Inc (ITG) said that they were going to set aside $12mn for a likely settlement that will take place due to a regulatory check into their U.S. “dark pool”, otherwise known as private stock trading venue. The probe being carried out by the SEC into ITG is focused on a few alleged regulatory violations related to disclosures on how the dark pool is operated. The allegations do not involve proprietary trading or other regional ITG trading venues or businesses. ITG said, “ITG has taken meaningful remedial actions during the course of the SEC’s investigation, including imposing additional limitations on access to U.S. POSIT data as well as enhancing” disclosures. If this settlement is going to take place it would be the second in recent years, following a $20.3mn charge in August 2015. #SpartanInternational