GREENLIGHT CAPITAL NOT SO GREEN – David Einhorn, President of Greenlight Capital is going through a slump. Eienhorn’s Greenlight Capital has shrunk from a reported $12bn in assets under management to $5.5bn, according to estimations done by his investors. Morten Kielland, Chairman of Investment-Management Firm Key Family Partners SARL said ” My patience is wearing thin.” Kielland added that he has withdrawn much of his firm’s money from the fund and added, “This is unbelievable.” Einhorn said in the April Investor letter, “It is difficult to explain what caused the results. To some extent, this quarter’s result stems from the continued extreme outperformance of growth over value.” @Peter Weiss, an investor who withdrew hundreds of thousands of dollars this year said ” He’s Stubborn. He’ll never admit he’s made a big mistake… It just makes me crazy.” #SpartanInternational