GOLDMAN’S BLOOMBERG DEAL DRIVES EQUITIES GROWTH – Goldman Sachs recently agreed a broker deal with Bloomberg Tradebook, this deal has helped develop the bank’s equities business to the highest revenues they have seen in three years. Last November, Goldman Sachs agreed to offer its equities execution services to Bloomberg Tradebook’s clients under a broker agreement, providing access to its platform, liquidity and global services. Bloomberg Tradebook brought 1,300 new clients to Goldman Sachs, the surge in clients contributed to a net revenue of $2.3 billion, a 38% increase from last year in the same period. Collectively, the Institutional Client Services have increased 85% to $4.39 billion in comparison with the fourth quarter last year. Marty Chavez, Chief Financial Officer, said that Goldman Sachs is now looking to build out it’s fixed income, currencies and commodities business with more electronic trading tools, much like they have done so with Equities. #SpartanInternational