EUROPE’S TRADING NEED FOR SPEED – Financial institutions are ‘reluctant to move out of London’ due to ‘access to ultra-fast internet’, according to research conducted by the ECB. Brexit has caused uncertainty among financial institutions due to passporting issues, however, the ECB has said “The UK’s advantage as a hub for trading using fiber-optic cables, combined with institutional inertia, suggest that any relocation of trading after Brexit, if at all, would likely be gradual,”. The ECB goes on to say, “Undersea fiber-optic cables provide a competitive advantage to financial centers located near oceans, like Singapore, because they are directly connected to the internet backbone, at the expense of landlocked cities like Zurich.” A staggering 43% of all EU transactions initiate within Britain, will we see this continue as we get closer to a post Brexit world? #SpartanInternational