DEUTSCHE CONSIDERS FURTHER CUTS TO BOOST BUSINESS – Deutsche Bank are in the process of restructuring and are currently considering a sweep of it’s U.S. business that may result in the firm cutting staff in the region by as much as 20%, according to people that are familiar with the matter. Last week the bank said that they would be closing their Houston office, which is home to more than 50 jobs, and they are also going to relocate away from Wall Street to a Midtown location that will be 30% smaller. There is a lot of pressure on @Christian Sewing, CEO, to show action towards the promises made when he was appointed. He needs to provide details of the investment bank plans at the annual shareholder meeting on May 24th 2018. @Andreas Plaesier, an Analyst at M.M. Warburg said “Christian Sewing has had a good first month. He is showing he is keen to quickly deliver on his promise to execute. But it would be good to see more clarity on the planned investment bank changes within the next two months.” #SpartanInternational