DEUTSCHE BANK MAKES COST CUTTING VERY CLEAR – Deutsche Bank is making a serious push to cut costs. People close to the matter have said the investment bankers have been told to travel coach/economy on trains, and fewer people are able to attend conferences as of now, as well as the small perks such as fruit bowls are starting to dissipate. The relationship between the newly appointed Chief Operating Officer, Frank Kuhnke and @Christian Sewing, CEO, is a sign that Sewing wants to have far more insight and control over the processes and expenses of the organisation. According to a person close to the matter the efficiency and bluntness that the new COO has displayed has earned him the name “Frank the Tank”. It’s gone so far as Sewing warning Senior Managers that if they cannot control expenses then he cannot trust them to grow revenue either. The managers are trusted with fixed budgets and it has been abundantly clear that they must not exceed this figure by any means. #SpartanInternational #BG