CITIGROUP CUTS AS 5-YEAR TECH TAKEOVER STARTS – With the dawn of Technology Citigroup is planning on cutting up to half of their technology and operations staff in the next five years, according to the divisions head. This move comes as machines and technology are able to carry out more tasks, if this is replicated across the industry the job cuts could be within an excess of 60,0000 employees across the top eight investment banks. The Barclays boss, Tim Throsby, said that the future holds a smaller number of employees making more money, he added “If your job includes a lot of keyboard hitting then you’re less likely to have a happy future.” Head of Goldman Sachs International, @Richard Gnodde, said “There are so many functions today that technology has already replaced and I don’t see why that journey should end any time soon.” He also stressed that technology is an area that could create new business and thus create more jobs. #SpartanInternational