BNY MELLON GIVES NAME TO NEW U.S. BUY SIDE BUSINESS – BNY Mellon Investment Management has recently confirmed that their new recently combined asset management business in the U.S. is to be given the name Mellon, as of January 2 2019. The combined company now consists of Mellon Capital Management, Standish Mellon Asset Management and The Boston Company Asset Management. @Des Man  Intyre, Chairman and CEO of Mellon said, “With its long heritage in the investment community and strong associations with wealth and prosperity, Mellon is a natural name for our business. The combined business represents a step beyond traditional investment management, delivering integrated multi-asset expertise from one firm. Our clients’ continued partnership affirms the benefits of bringing together the capabilities of these three firms. With our clients’ feedback in mind, we identified a new brand that captures the essence of the past and the promise of our future.” #SpartanInternational