BARCLAYS WEIGH UP MERGERS – Barclays have explored the possibility of a merger with rival banks, including Standard Chartered. This consideration comes as a response to the pressure that Edward Bramson’s activist investment fund Sherborne had enforced, which also recently acquired 5.4% interest in the bank. @John McFarlane, Barclays Chairman, was keen on the idea of a merger with Standard Chartered and was also supported by Sir Gerry Grimstone, Barclays International Unit Chairman. There haven’t been any formal talks of the potential combination with Standard Chartered, some of the contingency plans that have been discussed by Barclays Directors include: Ways to return more capital to shareholders, Options to expand the bank’s ringfenced UK business and “Hypothetical Companies” with a range of other banks including Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse and DBS in Singapore. #SpartanInternational