BANKS BREXIT OPTIONS  – As Brexit looms banks are looking at their European options in case a passporting deal cannot and is not achieved. Here is a compilation of where they want to move and how many staff are likely to move away from the City of London:

Company      Employees to Move       Locations

JP Morgan    Up to 4,000                   Frankfurt/Dublin/Luxembourg

Deutsche       Up to 4,000                   Undecided

UBS                Up to 1,500                   Undecided

HSBC             Up to 1,000                   Undecided

Goldmans     Up to 1,000                    Frankfurt

MS                  Up to 1,000                   Frankfurt/Dublin

BNP                Up to 300                      Undecided

Citi                 Up to 100                       Undecided

Nomura        Up to 100                       Frankfurt

Lloyds            0                                      Berlin

Credit Suisse Undecided                    Undecided

SocGen         0                                       Staying

BAML            Undecided                     Dublin/Amsterdam/Frankfurt