BAML SQUAD IN PLACE FOR BREXIT COMBAT – The Chief Executive of the new base of operations in the EU for Bank of America Merrill Lynch, @Bruce Thompson, has chosen eight executives to be placed into leadership roles in Dublin. This being Thompson’s first round of appointments since he started in April. In a memo sent on Tuesday, Thompson said, @George Carp will become Chief Financial Officer, @Rob Cahill will become Head of Global Technology and Operations, @Anthony Jancic will be Head of Wholesale Credit, Jan Przewozniak will be Chief Risk Officer, @Manoj Sethi will be Head of Corporate Audit, Oliver Geffroy will become Chief Compliance Officer and Head Of Operational Risk, Jennifer Becker is the Head of International HR and John McIvor who will be Head of International Communications and Global Marketing and Corporate Affairs. Carp, Cahill, Geffroy, Jancic, Przewozniak and Sethi will all be relocating to Dublin while Becker and McIvor will remain in London. #SpartanInternational #fnlondon