AI TO COMBAT MIFID II STRUGGLES – The dawn of technology has begun in the Equity Research division of Commerzbank. MiFID II, the new regulation that has been put in place from Jan’18, is forcing banks across the globe to reduce their research costs. It is for this same reason we find Commerzbank delving into the very real possibility that an AI can write basic analyst notes. The project, although at the early stages, is attracting attention from Senior Bankers because of the notion of an AI replacing human research analysts. Michael F. Spitz explained that the development shows promise because “Equity research reports reviewing quarterly earnings are structured in similar ways” and source documents are often produced using a common reporting standard. According to Mr. Spitz the technology is already able to do 75% of what a human equity analyst can produce when writing immediate reports on quarterly earnings. Are we really seeing the end of the analyst? Surely not! #SpartanInternational