Looking around there seems only confusion and madness,

here’s to next year, may it bring only gladness.


Don’t look to the dark, but instead to light,

never give up the hardest of fights.

Life is a journey for one and for all,

but how you live it can make you stand tall.


Don’t follow the crowd, instead, follow your feet,

and live your life to the sounds of your heart-beat.


The year has been positive, but painful in places,

we accept what’s been before us, as this was Gd’s graces.

On to the next, full of hope and belief,

ahead full of promise, and nothing but peace.


With family and team right by our side,

we promise to stand strong and never to hide.

With love and support giving strength to believe,

we know what must be done to follow our dreams.


We devote our lives to the ones we love,

with guidance and strength from the powers above.

To those that have wronged, it’s never too late,

to put others first, and to save your own fate.


Be no preacher, no Merlin, or no magician – we are one people, on our own solitary mission.


To one and to all, and to all a good year,

We cannot believe it either; MiFID II is finally here.


Our first updates of the New Year will be on 8th January. #SpartanInternational