Life & Career Consulting always starts with YOU. The reason for starting these sessions is for our own progression and personal growth. It is always with a view to bettering ourselves, our lives and the lives of those around us – in all aspects of what we do.

If you have ever said to yourself, I wish I was more like him or her, or, I wish I could be a better person, employee, husband/wife; then come and speak openly and confidentially with us, we will guide you to the goals you so positively want to achieve.

*With over 100 years experience within global executive search, building teams and departments, as well as some very important life experiences.

“Our life experiences do not define us, but they can help shape us and the direction we want to go in life.”


Someone once asked me; Why are we doing this?

Our response; To help people, This is what we are here for, to help each other. That is how we survive, that is how we evolve, by helping each other. By laying bare the very essence of what we have all experienced in life, can be used to help many people who feel alone and do not know that others are going through the same thing. By speaking out LOUD, we can ALL win and help each other.

YOUR time is now.

Assisting CEO’s, Heads of Industry, Heads of Department and everyone in-between.

*Career guidance
*Life after the City – What’s next?
*CV formatting & cover letter development
*Interview Preparation
*Body Language
*Social Media Profiling
*Nutritional Advice
*Developing your inner Power
*Discovering your life’s purpose

Session options:

*Introductory sessions
*Individual sessions
*3 Session bundle
*10 Session bundle

*3 month course
*12 month course

*Exclusive 24/7 course (length tba) – any location

Should you wish to contact us to discuss your own situation, mandates or strategic advice, please contact us on