DEUTSCHE BANK CRYAN ABOUT BREXIT – Deutsche Bank’s CEO, @John Cryan has told a conference in Frankfurt that, “we have people behaving like robots, doing mechanical things. Tomorrow we’re going to have robots behaving like people.” He has voiced his viewpoint on Brexit saying, “Of course, new financial industry jobs will be created in cities like Dublin, Amsterdam and Paris, however, in reality, none of these locations have the structures in place to assume a large portion of the business from London. There is only one European city which can fulfil these requirements and that city is Frankfurt.” He goes on to say that “It is always an option for an international bank to retain only the absolute minimum and to carry out practically all tasks that are not connected to direct client contact in America or Asia, for this reason, it’s not about a choice between Dublin, Paris or Frankfurt – it’s about a choice between New York, Singapore or Frankfurt.” #SpartanInternational